Thursday, July 10, 2008

Disneyland with Friends!

It's not often that we can go to Disneyland with Amy and Bethany during the week.

But today was special. Since last weekend, Keith and Amy have had their 2 1/2 year old niece visiting them, and has never been to Disneyland. So Auntie Amy arranged to get off work early this afternoon and a girls trip was arranged to take Alyssa to Disneyland for the very first time!! We got to the parks about 3:00 and decided that Alyssa would enjoy Playhouse Disney. So we went to the show and she loved it. This is also a favorite of Rachel's as she watches all these shows on Playhouse DIsney. It was sooooo much fun to watch the little girlies filled with excitement. Because today was all about Alyssa and keeping to doing things we thought she would like, we headed to Disneyland where there is more for little kids to do, in addition to the fact that Disneyland is just plain more magical. :) We ventured down Main Street, stopping off at City Hall to get Alyssa her official "1st visit' button. Rachel got an "Honorary Citizen" button! However, she's looking forward to coming back next month and getting her special "birthday button".
We ventured through Fantasyland, skipping all of the 'darker' rides. Going to the teacups and then King Arthurs Carousel. Amy took the girls and I waited out with the stroller and our backpacks. Because they were at the front of the line, they had first dibs on which horses they wanted. Rachel got to ride "Jingles" which is the 'lead' horse for the Carousel. Back in April, Julie Andrews rededicated the horse, and with it's most current makeover, the horse has silhouettes of icons famous from the movie Mary Poppins, which has "one of the most famous carousel scenes ever filmed for a motion picture". Riding the special horse meant nothing for Rachel, but I was pretty excited. LOL.
Working her muscles in hopes of pulling the sword out!
After Fantasyland, we headed back to Toontown, where we thought Alyssa would enjoy touring Minnie's house and playing about in the cars on the street. Exploring Toontown is also a favorite thing for Rachel to do.After that, we did the Tiki Room and then headed down Main Street in search and shared in some ice cream and then went on search for the perfect "1st visit' souvenir, a stuffed Minnie Mouse! After that, we headed for the trams and parking structure before it got too crazy following the fireworks!

We had a great afternoon/evening with Amy and the girls. It was fun watching Alyssa's expressions and excitement. Kinda gave me a clue of what taking my kids at 2 1/2 years old would have been like, if I had waited. LOL. Thanks Amy for letting us share in Alyssa's special day!

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