Saturday, July 12, 2008

Adventures in Hollywood

We went into Hollywood today to see Pixar's new movie, WALL-E, at the El Capitan. Gramie enjoys seeing movies at this particular theater and sitting in the balcony so today was her treat. The movie ticket includes a reserved seat, a souvenir bucket of popcorn, and a drink.After the movie, we had lunch and made our way atop the hills of Hollywood. Our plan was to visit The Griffith Observatory as you no longer had to have reservations to visit, however, once atop the mountain, there was no parking in the lot, and people were parking down the hillside and walking up. Therefore, we skipped the observatory. We did however, drive through Griffith Park and found ourselves an area of the park that offered horse rides. Hannah's been wanting to ride a real horse (opposed to that of riding a carrousel horse), once in line, both the girls were excited to ride a horse, we chose the Medium horses. The horses had a track that they followed. Some walked very slowly, some trotted. Rachel was a crack up to watch, she had me laughing so hard that I did not get a close up of her riding the horse past me. Both times she passed by me, she was laughing so hard, with the biggest smile from ear to ear. When she got off the horse, she became upset because she wanted to keep on riding. Because she'd had so much fun, Gramie bought another ticket and this time Rachel chose the ponies that walked in a circle (BORING!). She still enjoyed that ride nonetheless and riding that pony round and round lasted a heck of a lot longer than the first ride. After the horse ride, we headed to the other end of the area where there were miniature trains to ride. But on our way there, there was a group offering free crafts, and Hannah is all about crafts so we stopped and the girls made beautiful butterflies. After finishing up at the craft table, we made our way to the train. Gramie and the girls rode, while Mommy and Daddy sat out and watched and waited. Rachel got off the train loving the ride and of course passing by the horses once again. We had a great day of adventures in Hollywood with Gramie. It didn't take long this evening for Rachel to fall fast asleep, she was tired!


Angela said...

My baby just got her ears pierced too. She was such a big girl it surprised me. She can't stop strutting around the house and flipping her hair around.

John, Shannon, Broderick, Camden, and Adalynn said...

Looks like the horse farm/movies/craft day with Grandma was a blast. I really wish the kids grandparents lived closer so we could do fun things like that. What memories!!