Sunday, March 02, 2008

A New Product: Cleft Tape

Last week, on one of my websites I visit frequently, Cleft Stories, Jackie posted about a new product called DynaCleft. The product is a tape that is designed to assist with stretching the skin and muscles prior to lip repair surgery. The tape can be used for both bilateral and unilateral clefts.

While I can't personally vouch for this product, I think it'll be great! Hopefully it's cost effective, and even covered by health insurances and will be a great help to babies born with cleft lips.

Prior to Rachel's complete lip repair, we taped her mouth using a special form of medical tape. It was expensive, but taping her mouth, and stretching that skin and muscles for a few months indeed did save her a surgery in the process!


Theresa said...

aw! Do you ever miss the gappy smile? I do. :)

I'm so nostalgic this week!

The Ski's said...

Hey, Darcy....we used that!!! Our team ordered it for us to use because we could not order it outright. It has to be bought from a hospital first, I guess. Then, our team gave them our info, and we could buy it direct if we wanted to. We thought it looked so neat and couldn't wait to use it!!!! It worked fairly well, but honestly, steri strips seem to hold longer! I really was surprised! Also, they are VERY costly. A one week supply is $35. We opted to not purchase any more of these....and are still having good luck with plain old steri strips! Cool, idea, though!

Darcy said...

Oh cool!

With Rachel, we used a medical tape called Duoderm. We bought it from a medical supply place and it too was very expensive. I *think we figured it was about $10 for a 5x5 square. And we cut those pieces so precisely to get as much as we could out of those squares! LOL.