Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Rachel's Surgery!!!

Praise the Lord! God is so awesome!!!
All of our prayers for today were answered and then some.

Rachel was cleared for surgery 15 minutes before her scheduled time. When her plastic surgeon came to talk to us prior to her surgery, he was almost certain he could do the complete repair and had us sign consent for it. Once we passed the one hour mark of her being in surgery, we knew then that she was getting the complete lip repair!!! Because of that, she was admitted overnight. Steven is staying with her in the hospital tonight, he can sleep just about anywhere. :)

Rachel is doing awesome! She’s eating her bottles well and keeping those down. She had a bit of a fever this afternoon that spiked, but the Lord has already touched her and her temp is back to normal. Assuming she continues to do well through the night, Rachel will come home tomorrow.

I cannot put into words how overjoyed and full of thanks my heart is tonight. All day yesterday and into the evening, and even on the way to the hospital this morning, when we were unsure if Rachel would be able to have her surgery, I just kept saying over and over again..."I trust you God". If sugery was denied, I was still going to trust God, for he had a reason that surgery shouldn't take place today. It didn't mean I wouldn't be disappointed. But I trusted God, and He answered all my prayers for today.

A while back, I posted a list of prayers I have been praying for Rachel. One of the prayers was when we first learned that Rachel's lip was so wide it would take two surgeries to repair, was that the Lord would touch her and the surgeon would discover that once in there, he could do it in one surgery. God didn't answer that prayer that day. And yes, to be honest it was frustrating. Even more frustrating and upsetting a week later when that surgery became completely undone. A wise woman (my wonderful mother) shared with me last week, that prayer I prayed of desiring her lip to be repaired in one surgery wasn't answered at that time, but perhaps God would allow her lip to be totally repaired in one's surgery. And He did. He answered my prayer that her lip would be repaired completely in one surgery!!! I am so thankful, excited, and overjoyed beyond belief as to how God heard my prayers. Not only did He hear my prayers, he answered them.

The Bible says in James 4:2 "...You have not because you ask not". Well tonight I have...because I asked, in His perfect timing, and not in mine!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Praise God!!! Darcy and Steven I was so happy to read about Rachel's great surgery today....The Lord did his work....YEAH!!! She looks SOOOO wonderful and your right, completely different. I can see a lot of Hannah in her now!!! Just beautiful. I am praying that she recovers well and that things continue to get better! Praise him, he is so good! Hugs to you all and a big kiss for Rachel!
Debi W.