Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Day with Uncle Disneyland

We met up with Uncle Bart today at Disneyland. It was another great day to be outside in the beautiful weather!

Hanging out, enjoying the nice morning, waiting for Uncle Bart.

Exploring the tree house over on Tom Sawyer's Island. The island has become a favored attraction in recent months.

Taking her best shot at the shooting range, a new experience for Rachel.
Rachel LOVED the Peter Pan ride. Thankfully, the crowds weren't too bad and we were able to ride this. Usually the line is really long because it's such a popular ride in Fantasyland. 2008 is the Chinese Year of the Rat Mouse. And Disney wasn't going to miss out on that opportunity! For the last month both Mickey and Minnie have dawned their Asian attire and greeted guests in this special picture spot. This picture opportunity ends tomorrow and it was a goal of mine to get a picture with the Main Mouse, as we'd gotten our picture taken with Minnie Mouse a few weeks ago. Sitting out and waiting for Uncle Bart and Hannah to ride the River Rapids. Pay no attention to the watery eyes. Rachel was suffering from some allergies today. With all the rain we've had, and now beautifully warm days of 80+ degrees, everything is in full bloom and the pollen count is really high!
Another favorite ride of Rachel's, the Golden Zepher.