Monday, February 25, 2008

A Trip to the Wild Animal Park

The girls and I packed the backpack and set out for another adventure today, heading to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. We had a great day with beautiful weather and lots of active animals, and I do mean active! Here are just a handful of pictures I took today. The newest exhibit is the Lion Camp which was simply amazing! The two lioness sisters gave birth in November to a total of seven lion cubs and they were all on exhibit to see and watch. We came back to this exhibit a couple times today because we loved it so much.The other thing that is fairly new to the Wild Animal Park, although we got to experience it for the first time last May when we made a quick stop is the Journey into Africa tour. This tram literally takes you down onto the ground level of where all the animals roam and live and Rachel LOVED seeing the animals up close. And because it was mid morning, a lot of the feed trucks were out feeding, which made it even more interesting. One of the tours available to take is boarding a caravan truck and actually going out onto the grounds where the animals are. This really gets you up and close and personal. And it's fairly common for the giraffes to come right up and cooperate for an up close and personal picture. Rachel thought the giraffes going up to the trucks were funny. I'm not using the stroller more and more these days and to be honest, it's kinda nice. The bummer part is having to carry the heavy backpack which often has an extra set of clothes for Rachel, just in case, snacks, sweatshirts and hats, and our lunch. Although I am getting used to lugging the thing, I do miss having my cup holder in the stroller! Rachel kept up really good today, but early afternoon, she definitely was starting to slow down.Area's in which animals are allowed to be petted are always a big hit for Rachel. She loves animals and loved being able to pet and be close to the animals in the Petting Kraal. Although we didn't spend a lot of time in here as it was really muddy, and stinky. One of the other exhibits that Rachel very much enjoyed was the elephant viewing patio. Where we got to see all the elephants the Park has. It was fun to get to see this baby elephant in person as Rachel and I periodically watch her on the elephant web cam.This picture was one of the last pictures I took of the day. It was on our way towards the exit. The girls always love to climb and admire the stone statues and this one was cute considering we'd seen gorillas earlier in the day.We had a wonderful time today and Rachel is looking forward to another trip to see all the animals when Steven can join us, we're planning for June, once Hannah is out of school and officially on summer vacation!

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