Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mammoth Camping - Day 3

Rachel at some point last night got scared and ended up in bed with us. Little stinker moves so much in her sleep. No need to worry about whether or not she was cold, she wasn't, you could tell she was warm by the warmth of her hands every time she smacked ya in the face. LOL.

Once up and dressed, the girls enjoyed hot cocoa with their cousins inside the trailer. They continued to play at the table once their cocoa was gone. After breakfast, the four of us headed out for some sightseeing of some of the local attractions. We rode the gondolas up Mammoth Mountain, did some hiking, did some more hiking. All in which, aside from having no water, Rachel was a very good trooper about all the walking we did. Course in my head I was doing enough grumbling for all three of us girls, LOL. Not really. We had a very busy and active day. Rachel got a bath at Gramma and Papa's condo this evening. You should have seen the dirt to come off of her. LOL. She's been in pants since we got here, but somehow it creeps up onto her legs. The relaxing bath and being clean made for a good night's sleep. To see all the pictures from our Mammoth Camping trip, please go to Mammoth Camping Part 1 and Mammoth Camping Part 2. You can also see other pictures from our camping trip by visiting my sister-in-laws Camping Pictures.

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