Sunday, July 01, 2007

Mammoth Camping - Day 4

Today was the day to head for home. For a while we contemplated staying another day and seeing more that the Mammoth area has to offer, but we decided to just head home, stopping at a few spots of interest along the way. After finally getting the car packed and the tent down, and having lunch at McDonalds, we hopped on the 395 towards home. The first place we stopped along the way was the Geothermal Hot Creek. Up until last year, you used to be able to go swimming in the Hot Creeks, but due to the recent geothermal activity, the hot creeks are an upwards of 160 degrees and now closed to swimming. This stop wasn't particularly of any interest to Rachel, but it was an excuse for her to get out of her car seat.After another stop at the Hot Creek Fish Hatchery, located in the same area, was the Hot Creek Fish Hatchery. We enjoyed our stop at the Fillmore Fish Hatchery last year while on vacation, and thought it'd be fun to see another fish hatchery. Rachel liked seeing all the fish, there were some pretty big fish there as well. After a change into comfortable and clean clothes, we headed home. We had a long drive ahead of us through the hot desert. Thankfully she fell asleep for a bit, but the rest of the time she was pretty distracted with a movie or two. Making a slight detour off the highway to our favorite Mexican food restaurant in Hesperia,, we arrived home around 8:00 and began the chore of unloading the van. Once unloaded, we gave the girls baths and into bed they went. They were exhausted!

We had a great time. Enjoyed seeing all of God's beautiful creation. Looking forward to our next trip, although we don't have one planned. But we've been talking about a possible trip to Yosemite next year. And we've been making a list of all that we need in order to camp on our own and not mootch off others. LOL.

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