Friday, June 29, 2007

Camping in Mammoth - Day 2

Rachel is an early riser at home, and it was different camping. She was up pretty early this morning and raring to go. When we last camped, two years ago, Rachel was still just a baby. Each of the other three girls had gotten a fishing pole for the trip, so that Rachel wouldn't be left out, she got her very own pole for this trip.

After breakfast, we headed to one of the many nearby lakes for the girls to cast their poles into water. All four of the girls were having so much fun just casting their plastic little fish into the water. Imagine what excitement there'd be if there was a real fish on that line. LOL. The afternoon was spent relaxing around the campsite, playing games, and for some, taking naps. It was a struggle, but Rachel eventually gave in and fell asleep. The rest of the day we spent at the campsite, the girls all playing. Later in the evening we headed to the campground amphitheater to enjoy Fiddlin Pete. Rachel enjoyed the music for a while, and then she just sorta lost interest. Back to our campsite we made smores and had Uncle Robbies yummy dessert, and then off to bed.

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