Thursday, June 28, 2007

Camping in Mammoth - Day 1

We left the house shortly after 7:00 this morning. The drive to Mammoth Lakes is about five hours and because of the long drive, I was a little apprehensive as to how Rachel would do that long confined to her car seat. I bought the girls two new DVD's to watch, and brought miscellaneous other favorite movies to watch as well. Rachel did pretty good. But now has the phrase "we there yet?' down pretty good. And between her and Hannah asking often, it was enough to drive one crazy. We arrived to our destination shortly before 1:00, and got to work at putting up our tent and getting our beds made, etc. Robbie and Grace and the girls were the first to arrive to our site about mid morning. They already had the trailer set up and the play tent up as well. They were already in relaxation/vacation mode. Uncle Bart had arrived shortly after them and had his tent up already. And Mom and Dad, they were staying at a condo about 2 miles up the road, had no tent to put up so they were there lending a hand wherever they could.

Rachel and Hannah were so excited to see McKenzie and Haylee. They had four glorious days of playing ahead of them and the girls were beside themselves. The afternoon was spent relaxing and taking in the beauty. The girls playing in the designated "play tent". Robbie had put up a screened tent and that's where all the toys were kept and the girls played.The campground, Pine Glen, was an extremely dirty campground. I mean it in the dirt sense, and not overall appearence of the campground, because appearance wise, it was a beautiful campground. It seems as though the minute Rachel got out of the van til the time we left, the girl was always covered in dirt. During dinner we were visited by a bear, which was totally cool! Once he started walking away from our camp, Steven brought Rachel out from the trailer to see it. She wasn't too thrilled. LOL. We sure were! The evening continued with the girls wanting in their jammies early and in Uncle Robbie and Aunties new trailer to watch a movie. But once the Smore making stuff was brought out, they came out to make smores around the campfire. The girls went to bed fairly easy. Although Rachel kept asking to go home. She and Hannah are sharing a queen size air mattress with sleeping bags, blankets, and of course Rachel has her Minnie Mouse from home.

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