Wednesday, November 09, 2005

We're Home!!!

We're all home from the hospital!!!!

Rachel's tongue swelling is totally gone and is back to normal. And she's pretty much already back to her happy and spunky self, aside from some fussing when she eats. But even that is getting better with each feeding. She's eaten 4 ounces just in the last 10 minutes!!!

She's dealing with the restraints good so far. Not sure how she's going to sleep with the restraints. When she had her first two surgeries, she was small enough she slept in her infant carrier. Now she's used to turning, sleeping on her side, etc. She's not going to sleep well with the restraints. So we've brough her car seat in from the car and will try that tonight.

Just wanted to thank everyone again for all their thoughts and prayers for us the last several days. We are truly blessed.


Kim said...

Glad you're home! I'll pray Rachel sleeps well and tolerates her restraints like a trooper.

Melany said...

welcome home!!!