Thursday, November 10, 2005

First Night Home

Rachel's first night home went great!! We decided to put her in her car seat and strap her in. Thinking this would eliminate the frustration trying to turn over with restraints on would give her. She got up only once in the night for some water and snuggling and then went back to bed with no problem.

This morning she ate just about her entire 8 ounce bottle with hardly any fussing. It's such a relief to see her drinking so well. It will save me from the worry of her dehydrating.

We had her restraints off from the time she got up until she went down for a nap. She is soooo happy to be home. She went from room to room making sure everything was in place. She's happy to have her toys. She's happy to be able to roam free on the floor and walk about.

It's so nice to have our Rachel back and home!


Kim said...

What a great report! Praise the Lord for His tender mercies.

Anonymous said...

wonderful news here . am so glad for her and you too...Thanks to our God for answered prayers. God Bless you all.

Melany said...

This is awesome news. It's just amazing how quickly kids can recover from an operation!