Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Evening Update - Day After Surgery

Thank You again for all the thoughts and prayers. We sure appreciate them and would appreciate them continuing to come our way! For those of you who've felt phone messages, Thank You! We hope you understand us not being able to get back to everyone. But we're working on it.

Rachel was doing pretty good this evening overall. Some general fussiness, but we found out it was due to regular Tylenol being given for pain, instead of the prescribed 'good stuff'.

This afternoon the resident physcians (gotta love a teaching institute) decided to put a hold on Rachel getting any further IV fluids in hopes that it would make her thirsty and she would want to drink. To make a long story short, she was drinking this evening. We tried everything, her Haberman, plastic cups, a water bottle, and the I got small medicine cups from the nurse. Poor girlie, she's such a water drinker and you could tell all she really wanted was her sippy cup. Anyways, the important thing is she is drinking. Please pray it continues. It's an important factor on whether or not she'll get to come home.

Her tongue swelling is going down nicely and perhaps by morning her tongue might fit back inside her mouth?? LOL. You can tell it's getting back to normal as her cry is not muffled as it was yesterday, etc. Who would have ever thought after all my online research I never heard once of this complication?!?!?!

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Melany said...

I'm glad the swelling is going down somewhat and that she's drinking water. That's great :)