Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Post Op Appointment / Recovery Day 9

It's hard to believe that this time last week, we were sitting in a hospital room, waiting for the swelling in Rachel's tongue to diminish.

We saw Dr. Martin for Rachel's post op appointment this afternoon and it went well. He looked inside and said her palate is healing well and looks great for it only being a week post op. I asked him about possibly giving her sippy cup back, and he said not until he sees her again in 2 weeks. Same for the restraints. One final look at 3 weeks post op to make sure everything has healed and no fistulas have formed before giving her hands and sippy cup back. So we see him for a 3 week post op appointment in 2 weeks.

As far as Rachel's recovery is going, she's getting better with each day. Her pain seems to be diminishing. Her last dose of Tylenol with Coedine was yesterday morning. This morning, we tried regular Tylenol, and that seemed to have done the trick. She also drank an entire 6 oz bottle this morning. Which was a nice way to start off the day, with some fluids in her. Although she hasn't wanted any more fluids since then. She did eat some cottage cheese and yogurt at lunch. I'll be so glad when I can just give Rachel her sippy cup and can give her the food she wants.

Having the arm restraints on, doesn't stop Rachel from going, going, going all day long. She's still managing to toddle about and get into things. Since her surgery, and the swelling has gone down, Rachel holds her mouth differently...It's basically closed all the time. Which changes the look of her face. She's also not smiling like she was prior to surgery. Sometimes she looks so depressed. I'm sure once those restraints come off and she's back to eating real food again, smile and be back completely to herself.

As far as eating, still not drinking a whole lot. I did ask the doctor if there was a certain amount of ounces she should get in a day. He said the more important thing to watch are making sure her mouth stays moist, her energy level, sunken eyes, etc. So she's doing just fine to the doctors standards.

Rachel is still sleeping strapped in her car seat. There's been a few nights where she gets up in the night for a stretch and a snuggle and then goes right back to bed. It has to be terribly uncomforable sleeping in the same position all night long, strapped in. I might try one of her naps tomorrow without the car seat and she how she does. She'll probably do just fine and manage to be all over her crib despite the restraints.

We're so thankful for one week of recovery to be behind us. One week down, two to go.


Melany said...

I'm glad to hear her recovery is going so well. I do feel sorry for her. Shame...restrained and all

Kim said...

It's great that she's doing so well. Hopefully she'll continue to eat and drink well too...keep up the good work!

Tracy said...

Keep up the good work. Mom's so often go unapplauded for their efforts, and you deserve to be recognized for the love and care you're showing your daughter.

Like you said, only two more weeks to go. Best wishes to you and Rachel.