Monday, November 14, 2005

Pudding Face

One of the things we tried a few days ago was chocolate pudding, which Rachel loved. After finishing half a carton of yogurt this afternoon, she appeared to be on a roll, so I offered her more pudding, she finished that off as well! I'm sure she has to be hungry. Yesterday, she ate a jar of baby food, so this afternoon, I asked my friend next door if she had any jars of food in her cupboards I could have. She did, and Rachel polished off two jars of baby food and almost half a glass of watered down juice. Whoo Hooo. That makes me happy.


Anonymous said...

Darcy ~ if she is hungry, she will eat.....she is going to be ok :) Hard not to worry as a Momma, I am sure. Hang in there, you are almost done!!


Kim said...

Nothing makes a mommy happier than an eating baby! Good job, Mommy!

Love the pic too.

Melany said...

I'm glad she is eating. ALWAYS a good sign :)