Friday, November 18, 2005

Recovery Day 12

Rachel's doing good. I'm trying to get back into normal routine of eating together as a family. She's eating much more the last couple of days. I think being back on routine helps her too. She really doesn't want much to do with her bottle. Last night she took her bedtime bottle just fine. But other than that, we've been getting her to drink out of a cup. I'm sure once she's able to have her sippy cup back, she'll be off the bottle.

We had a bit of a rough night last night. Around midnight Rachel started crying. We got her up and let her stretch for a while. She's strapped into her car seat all night long and sleeps in the same position, who wouldn't need some stretching?!!?! Normally she just goes back to bed nicely. Last night she didn't. So we ended up bringing her to bed with us. Something we only do under special circumstances as both our kids are bed hogs and all over the place. Poor girlie kept trying to just get comfortable. She did end up sleeping the rest of the night. She'll be so happy when her restraints come off.

It's amazing how taking off Rachel's restraints changes her mood. We are able to take off her restraints as long as we're right there watching her closely. Last night she was so funny, she kept putting on the Darth Vadar mask!! This picture is especially funny because you can see her eyes! I discovered something pretty disturbing yesterday...I was giving Rachel some Motrin and discoverd that one of her top teeth (she only has 4) was chipped during surgery!!! While I know it can be filed, and I know it's only a baby tooth, this really frustrates me. She already has enough strikes against her when it comes to her mouth.

Rachel does somthing strange since surgery. She stores up her drool on her cheeks. She stores it up to the point where it's literally a pool of drool that flows out all at once. For some reason, she just doesn't swallow it. She swallows liquids and her food just fine. Maybe since surgery she just makes more saliva and she doesn't know what to do with it. This picture is how she looks when "she's storing up". LOL. Everyday, I am constantly reminded that this leg of the journey will soon be behind us. Despite being woken in the night, or the frustrations of not being able to just throw whatever food we're eating on her tray, this recovery has really gone well thus far. And at this point, there's no reason to believe it won't continue to go well. I'm so thankful the Lord has, and continues to answer my prayers, and the prayers of many others, that Rachel's recovery is going so smoothly.


Kim said...

What happened to that dark-haired baby?!

Love the Darth Vader mask picture. It is really cute with her eyes peering out.

Melany said...

I can imagine that at this time the recovery must be getting a bit frustrating. She is doing so well, yet she isn't fully recovered yet. It's not much longer now.