Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Walking, Walking, Walking

Learning to walk wearing shoes...

Since the weekend, she just kinda takes off walking if she's in a standing position. It seems so strange to see her walk. LOL.

Rachel saw the orthropedist this morning in follow up of those hip xrays, and he gave the all clear as far as her hip sockets. She's just pudgy and the lines they look for when examing the hips were off because of all her chub. LOL.


Kim said...

I know just how she feels...my lines are all off too! LOL

Walking, how fun!!

Melany said...

Oh cute! Just look at her walking :)

Anonymous said...

Wow Darcy...... watch her take off now........... your work is cut out for you for sure.
what a darling little girl......

Anonymous said...


Best of luck to you and your beautiful family.

The Operation Smile team returned from China this weekend after operating on 129 children with cleft lip and palate and other facial deformities. Thanks for following along - just wanted to acknowlege your comment on my blog and wish you well. Should you ever wish to get more information on Operation Smile, don't hesitate to contact me. All the best.