Friday, September 09, 2005

Operation Smile Mission

Operation Smile is an organization of volunteers who travel throughout the world repairing facial deformities, mainly cleft lips. This team of volunteers made up of plastic surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists, and miscellaneous other medical people donate their time and services to restoring ones smile.

I came across this blog this evening, Operation Smile's September Mission to China. It's a blog currently being written by one of the volunteers who is on the current mission to China.

I am always searching online for other cleft related blogs, so I was excited to find this one. I thought since so many follow Rachel's Journey, that perhaps one might be interested in following the journey of a team of people who are "changing the face of the world ... one smile at a time".

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Seth Mazow said...


My name is Seth Mazow, and I work for Interplast, the first international humanitarian organization to provide free reconstructive surgery in developing countries. We make a direct and profound difference in the lives of 3,000 children each year who suffer physically or emotionally from a congenital deformity or injury.

We have been keeping blogs since January of our trips to places like Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Vietnam, China, Sri Lanka and Zambia in order to show the world the life-changing work that we do. We do many cleft repair operations (as well as people in need of burn reconstruction, microtia repair, hand therapy, etc.), and we place an emphasis on teaching local doctors how to perform the surgeries themselves.

I invite you to check out all of our blogs which can be accessed at our blog homepage at