Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sooooo Frustrating!!!

We've been waiting to see the ENT doctor so he could determine whether or not Rachel really needed tubes in her ears. A procedure that would be done while she was under general anesthesia when she's getting her palate repaired. I've called Loma Linda several times to see about us getting worked in to be seen sooner than our yearly appointment with the craniofacial team, which was scheduled for next Monday, the 26th. I didn't bother calling this week, I figured at this point, they won't get us in to see the ENT any sooner then us seeing him with the team on Monday.

The craniofacial team coordinator called and left a message this morning stating that our appointment for Monday has been rescheduled.... rescheduled for FEBRUARY!!!!! Of Next Year!!!!! 5 months from now!!!! Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

I wasted no time in jumping on the phone to the team coordinator, inquiring as to why we were rescheduled, and why so far out. Of course I had to leave a message. And then I called Dr Martin's nurse and gave her my sob story. She was very compassionate and understanding and was totally willing to listen to me and get this taken care of. She will talk to Dr. Martin either tomorrow or Friday, when he is in clinic, to get him to call the ENT to get us worked in.

This is just so frustrating. It seems like there is always a bump in this journey somewhere. We would appreciate prayers for the doors to be open for Rachel seeing Dr Rowe, the ENT, as soon as possible. Until we see him, her palate surgery date cannot be scheduled.


Melany said...

I hope that they can schedule it for sooner!! how frustrating!

Kim said...

I haven't had time to answer your letter yet, but I am praying for you guys! What a letdown to not be seeing the craniofacial team tomorrow.

Cameron Lawrence said...

I just found your site through the Blogger bar atop the screen. God bless you and your family. I will say a prayer.