Tuesday, December 07, 2004

A Trip to the Pediatrician

Rachel has been putting her hand up to her ear a lot over the past day or two, so I thought I should take her in to see Dr Berry, our Pediatrician, to get her ears checked out. Praise the Lord her ears were not infected, nor did they have any fluid in them!! Just a little wax build up that might be bothersome or itchy.

One of the side effects or common ailments when having a cleft palate is increased ear infections. And because of that, we try to feed Rachel in a somewhat upright position, when she cooperates that is. I'm so thankful her ears were clear, it's one of the things I have on my list of prayers for Rachel.

Rachel's been a little difficult when it comes to giving her the bottle lately. She'll cry and throw a fit for a while, but eventually eats and finishes it. But it's just so frustrating. I mentioned it to Dr Berry today, and he said since her ears checked out and her throat appeared fine, it's probably just her having an attitude. I hope her attitude changes soon. LOL.

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