Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Follow Up with the Plastic Surgeon

We saw Rachel's plastic surgeon today. And just as we thought, we're back to square one, Rachel's lip adhesion will need to be redone. Dr. Lehocky needs to get with his surgery scheduler to determine whether or not he can work Rachel in sometime in December, if not, her surgery will be in January.

We asked him his opinion of using a NAM (Nasal Aveolar Mold) or another molding device that would help in bringing her palate closer together. They don't use such devices at Loma Linda, but he did recommend using a special medical tape to bring the two sides of her lip together. The purpose being to stretch those muscles and bring them closer together. So he showed us how to apply it and that's the route we'll go in preparing for the next surgery. She looks different just with the tape bringing her lip together!

Other than the appointment news, Rachel continues to eat well. We increased her bottles this week and she's not having any problem in finishing them. She's continuing to sleep well, and it's safe to say she definitely sleeps through the night! She's smiling lots and is making cute little noises and cooing. She's defiantely starting to show her little personality.

Thank you once again for those of you checking this page regularly, and for your thoughts and prayers for Rachel. We sure appreciate them!

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Becky said...

your journal is an inspiration to me...I found the link form the AOL Television board!!!