Wednesday, November 17, 2004

A Bump in the Road...

:::sigh::: We've encountered a bump in this road of Rachel's journey. This morning her entire repair split. Rachel's cleft lip is once again wide and her nose is flattening out again. It's not as wide as it was prior to surgery, however, we can see up into her nose and see the incision site.

I know this can be fixed, but it's so discouraging. I'm trying to be strong, but I have to be totally honest and share that today has been a really been a rough day for me. I've tried to keep busy most of the day, but in the still moments of the day, I can hardly stand it. I had accepted this journey that the Lord has given us, but I don't like the bumps we've encountered. I'm not quite sure why the road couldn't have been smooth, but God knows. I know in my heart, and my head, that Rachel's going to be just fine, and the Lord still has His hand on us, it's just been one of those days where I am sad we have this journey to endure.


Anonymous said...

" Nothing takes God by surprise. He knows the future and can therefore guide us through it's trackless ways."

There are no tracks to follow on this bumpy journey.
Holding on to the hand of Jesus will steady you as you travel.

Anonymous said...

Oh Darcy!! You are so strong....The Lord will take care of it all and know that precious Rachel will be fine...Its only a bump in the road!!! Chin up...Praying for you all!!
Debi W.