Monday, September 05, 2011

Cementing Her "D"

We were really at a critical point with Rachel's speech, so we decided that despite it being her birthday, we were going to proceed with our normally scheduled Wednesday afternoon speech session.

Rachel has been having problems with making the "D" sound in her words, especially when they are in the middle of the word (DADDY) and when they are the final letter in a word (hard, card, etc). So for the few weeks leading up to speech on Wednesday, we've really been working on the sound of "D". Drilling it, reenforcing it in our everyday speech, etc.

This last Wednesday, after a little bit of drilling to see where she was, and how she was doing, it was determined that Rachel was ready to 'cement her "D" sound". She'd been hitting it about 90% of the time and it was was time to make it permanent. Thus the reason/need to cement it.Rachel was very proud of her accomplishment, as you can see by the expression in that last picture! It was a fun speech activity to do, even if it was her birthday! :)


Kari Marchelli said...

what a cute idea!

Kelly Rogers said...

That is great! And I love the "cementing the 'd'" idea! Way to go, Rachel!