Sunday, September 04, 2011

Birthday Celebrations!

Rachel's birthday fell smack dab in the middle of the week this year. So her birthday ended up being celebrated all week long!

Her celebration began on Sunday, when I took cupcakes to her Sunday School class. When you turn 7, you move up to the next class, so this was kinda like a 'send off' for her to the 'big kid class'. Her teacher brought balloons and a gift bag with some fun pencils and a notepad. Wednesday was Rachel's actual birthday. She was up and dressed and ready for school in no time, especially when it meant opening presents from Mommy and Daddy and a package that came in the mail from Great Grandma!When Hannah was in 1st grade, it became my tradition to bring the girls lunch on their birthday. Of course Rachel picked McDonalds. And that is what she got! Hannah scored as well, because it was minimum day schedule, her lunch was immediately following Rachel's, so she scored a couple double cheeseburgers as well. :) Rachel had speech following school, and her and Dr. D'Antonio did a special activity, which I'll blog about separately. But later that evening, we went to Applebees for dinner with Gramma and Papa, which is where Rachel picked to eat!

Friday night was the "official celebration event". LOL. It was small and intimate, just the family (grandparents, and cousins) and became even more intimate when Auntie fell sick, Uncle Robbie had a gig with his band, and Gramie couldn't make it down the local mountain pass and it was completely shut down due to an out of control wildfire. But Haylee and McKenzie were spending the night and having the cousins around always makes everything just fine. Rachel got a guitar from Gramma and Papa. And is already rocking out and creating some tunes!Rachel had a great week of birthday celebrating! She's one blessed kid!

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Kari Marchelli said...

Happy Birthday Rachel!!