Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Turn for the Better

It's amazing what the proper dosage of pain meds will do for a person.

After getting Rachel to take the correct dosage of pain med, she fell asleep for about an hour.

After her nap, she was visited by a hospital person who invited her to the school room downstairs. Having had the pain meds kick in, she wanted to give it a try. So we put on her jammie pants, combed her hair, and dawned her boogie shoes (new crocs that Gramma and Rachel have named her 'boogie shoes'). Daddy found a wheelchair and off we went, downstairs to the school room where Rachel made a Thanksgiving card craft and then worked a puzzle. We saw sparks of our Rachel coming through. The pain meds definitely worked. Upon coming back to her room, she ate an entire applesauce cup and the rest of her pudding cup that she'd started earlier!! She's not due for any more pain meds until 3:30. So hopefully she'll continue to be on the up swing and will continue to eat and drink as the afternoon continues.


Kari Marchelli said...

Hi Darcy-
I'm so glad to read on Rachel's progress but how frustrating it is to find that she was undermedicated. Poor girl. Glad to hear that that issue has been corrected and that she has been able to eat a bit!

Heidi Thompson said...

I am so glad to read these updates on Rachel. She's such a trooper and I am so proud of her! I've been praying for you all throughout the week and will continue to do so. :)
Mrs. Thompson