Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Afternoon Update / Good News

After our visit to the classroom downstairs, the afternoon continued to go well. She drank a little bit more and felt well enough to be wheeled downstairs to an event going on for the children. They had policemen and firemen and crafts to do. It was a nice diversion to sitting in her room and despite not feeling 100%, I think she enjoyed the difference in scenery. Especially when Gramma and Hannah came by for a visit. This was the first that Hannah had seen Rachel in person and I think it did them both good. After our outside diversion and visit from Gramma and Hannah, it was time for some more juice and pain meds. It was a bit of a struggle as Rachel does not like the taste of the medicine, but we eventually got it down her. But only after being told I was "the meanest mom in the world". She fell asleep shortly after that.Rachel was napping and Steven and I were each on our own electronic entertainment of our choice and we'd pretty much resigned ourselves to staying late into the evening, if not overnight once more. It was just after 4:30 that the Chief Resident who assisted Dr. Martin in surgery came by. He said since she was drinking more and eating some, we were welcome to go home if we wanted. Um YEAH! As long as we were sent home with Tylenol with Codeine. The orders were written and Steven started taking things to the car. It wasn't long after that that I signed discharge papers and the nurse removed the heplock. And we were outta there!!!

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