Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Before Surgery

Our arrival time to the hospital was 9:45 with a scheduled surgery start time of 11:45. Upon arriving, the previous surgery went quicker than expected and they were ready for Rachel. Things moved rather quickly than we expected. They got her into a gown, took her vitals, and gave her a dose of versed and tylenol to help her forget anything she was about to encounter until they got her under general anesthesia. The nurses issued her new teddy bear an ID bracelet and even said she could take her bear with her to surgery! She was happy about that.

By 10:30, they were wheeling her off to surgery. Just a few tears shed on Mom's part when saying goodbye, but by then Rachel was pretty much glazed over from the Versed. Steven and I came down to the lobby and checked in with the information desk where they issue you a pager that texts you with updates straight from the Scrub Nurse.

The first update came at 11:02 stating that surgery had officially started and Rachel was doing well. The next update came at noon saying things are moving along as expected and Rachel was continuing to do well. That was our last update.

Thank you to everyone who is praying and thinking of us. We can feel your prayers and they are much appreciated.


Liz said...

Oh how I know about those tears shed on mom's end of things when you see your babies off into surgery. All three of ours have had at least 1 (and as many as 5!) surgeries, so I've been on that end lots of times. HUGS!

Joy Howse said...

Glad teddy got to join her on this adventure. LOVE the pager updates instead of just sitting there in silence. Continuing to pray for you throughout the afternoon and evening in recovery.