Saturday, November 27, 2010

10 Days Post Op

Not much is happening in way of Rachel's post op recovery. With the exception of the nasal stents and the modified soft diet, she is totally back to herself!!!

It's been four days since she's had anything for pain.

She's feeding herself now, we were pretty cautious the first week of that bone graft and didn't want her to bump it, etc, so we were feeding her, when she actually ate.

The swelling in her face is completely gone as far as we can tell.

The girls school resumes on Monday after two and a half weeks off track and Rachel can wait to get back to school. She's not bothered by the nasal stents and has no problem going out in public with them in. She has a post op appointment on Monday afternoon, so perhaps she'll only have to go to school one day with them in.


Kim said...

No picture!?!

So happy she's doing so well!

Just A Mum said...

So glad she is doing well! Is her hip giving her any trouble? Thanks so much for keeping a great record of everything. I was able to show my Mum when she visited and will keep it in mind for when my Miss Em has her bone graft, in the future.

Darcy said...

Just a Mum - her hip is giving her NO TROUBLE!! Amazing isn't it??

I'm so glad this record keeping has been of help to you.

I have another post I'm constructing with A LOT of tips and details of really specific things I know that'll help others that are behind us on this journey...