Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1 Week Post Op

It's hard to believe that a week ago, we were sitting in the waiting room of a hospital, waiting for the page that one of us could go see Rachel in the recovery room.

Overall, the first week following surgery has been a good one. There's been a few meltdowns as to not wanting to eat and thus take the nasty tasting pain medication, but other than that, there's been no complications, no major problems. I know recovery has been relatively easy because of all the people still praying for Rachel. Thank You.

I failed to mention in my post following our Post Appointment that we can brush Rachel's bottom teeth and upper back ones. We did just that yesterday. It had to have felt a ton better having a fresh mouth.

This morning, the swelling looks considerably lower. And the bruising seems to be subsiding as well. It's great to see the sparkle back in her eyes and her overall look getting back to normal.

Be sure to scroll down to the next post. I posted pictures, one from everyday of the last week. It's amazing to see the changes from day to day.

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