Wednesday, August 05, 2009

First Full Day of School

This morning I took both the girls to school. Hannah went her way and I took Rachel to her class. She walked in, handed her teacher her milk money and some papers that were filled out last night and went and found her name plate on a table. I walked over hugged her, gave her a smoochie, and said have a good day and I walked out. I got a little choked up, but did good. I then walked out to find Hannah waiting for me at the fence. I then walked her over to her line and watched her teacher come and greet them and take them to their class.

I returned to the school at 11:34 to pick up Rachel. She had a good day. Made a new friend, but doesn't know his name. And then told me how one boy was mean to her and said he was going to punch her. He sounded like trouble, because he ended up not getting his STAR (positive reward) for the day. LOL.

After lunch she asked me what she's doing tomorrow. The typical question asked EVERY day of the week. And much to her surprise I told her she had school tomorrow! It'll take a while before she gets that she goes every day of the week now!

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Kelly Rogers said...

How cute! I remember my mom crying every time one of us started kindergarten - and I know I'll be the same way! I hope Rachel continues to enjoy school. Gotta watch out for those bullies, though. It bothers me when kids are so mean. I hope he doesn't become a problem.