Tuesday, August 04, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten

School officially started today. But tomorrow will be the BIG day for Rachel. Today we took her to her class and it was a Kindergarten Orientation and then she got to come home with us. Tomorrow will be the day that I will take her and leave her for her school day. Tomorrow will be the day I'll definitely need Kleenex walking out to the car.

Rachel was so excited. She was up at 6:20, and dressed and ready by 6:30. LOL. Let's hope it continues. After taking Hannah to her class and seeing her teacher greet the class, etc, we then walked Rachel to her class. The teacher read the class a story about going to Kindergarten and then had the kids do a little activity where they traced their name with glue and then poured glitter on it. After that little project, they were to find the teacher and get a Classroom Hunt List. A fun way to find the important things in her class - her name on the star chart, the restrooms, her cubbie, the playground, ending with the punch and cookies the PTA supplied for the Kindergarten Orientation. When Hannah started Kindergarten, she started her school year already knowing three kids in her class whom we knew from church. Rachel wasn't going to know anyone until our friends from church got their son pulled from another Kindergarten class and put into ours! We're so happy to embark on our final year of Kindergarten with our friends.
Isaiah and Rachel

After a while of playing, we needed to get home, Daddy had to start his work day! Tomorrow will be the "official first day" as Rachel will stay her full school day, 8:00-11:34.

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