Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Adventures this Week

Just a couple pictures of some new adventures from earlier in the week....

For the first time, Rachel rode the canoes at Disneyland with Daddy on Sunday. She loved it!! And can't wait to go back on them again. The nearby parking lot for the jurors in our county is currently being worked on. So for the last month or two, the city trolley transports jurors from our preschool parking lot to the courthouse. Several times throughout the morning, the preschoolers gather along the playground fence and watch as the trolley passes through out parking lot. On Tuesday, the trolley actually stopped and let the preschoolers all have their turn in sitting on the trolley. Something I'm sure the jurors sitting on the trolley loved, being joined by 75 preschoolers! LOL. The kids all loved it.


Joy Howse said...

LOL on the trolly thing. That would have been too funny to see the jurors reactions to that. :) Probably brightened their day. Or at least one could hope it did.

Darcy said...

Yes, and like one of the teachers pointed out, who wouldn't want to sit on a trolley, seeing all the adorable preschoolers loving just sitting on the trolley versus being whisked down the street for potential jury duty. LOL.

Another teacher said accommodating the preschoolers for 5-10 minutes was their civic duty! LOL.