Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our Last Preschool Open House

This evening was the annual Spring Open House for the preschool. It's an evening whereas the current preschoolers can bring all of their family - parents, grandparents, neighbors, friends, etc, etc, to check out their classroom and their school and see all the fun arts and crafts they've been working on for several weeks leading up to tonight. It's also a time where the new families registered for the Fall are invited to come and check it all out and see what their little ones are in for.

I seriously thought we'd skip going to tonight's Open House, we have a Bible Study that we started attending at church last Thursday night and I just thought we'd skip this year since we've been to three over the past few years and we know the routine, etc. But then I got to thinking about it, really thinking about it, this is our LAST preschool open house. Our very last. Exactly four weeks from today, our baby will be done with preschool, and will be on her way to Kindergarten. So aside from being asked if I might be able to help out in the kitchen tonight, I was pretty much leaning towards going and I'm glad I went. Steven went ahead to our Bible Study and the girls and I made one last visit to the annual Open House. This year, the teachers decided to do a different theme in each of their class rooms. And wow! What a great job on all the classes. But there were three classes where the teachers put a lot more effort and energy and creativeness into theming their classroom, and if you are a follower of my own blog, you'll know I'm big on theming. LOL. Rachel's class was a jungle, complete with lions, snakes, tucan birds hanging from the ceiling, jungle leaves everywhere, and monkeys hanging about all over the class room. Intertwine all those animals with about twenty four full size body pictures all over the room and you've got yourself a real jungle! It looked awesome! They kept the parents out of the rooms this morning during drop off and pick up so that the rooms would be a surprise for tonight and what a surprise they were, they were amazing. And the kids all loved it and were excited about showing off their themed classrooms.

And with that, our days of Preschool Open Houses are behind us. Come August, it'll be visiting two classrooms at Back to School night at the same school!

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