Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kindergarten Physical and Registration

Rachel had her Kindergarten physical with our Pediatrician this morning. Overall, it went well. For the last few days, she kept asking if she was going to be getting shots, and we didn't lie to her, we told her that she probably would be getting shots. She was fine with that, didn't say she didn't want to go, etc.

Our regular nurse wasn't there and I think that made Rachel nervous. She wouldn't cooperate for the in-office hearing test, which didn't concern me too much, she had an official one with our audiologist in January and it was fine. But she cooperated for only half of the vision exam. She wouldn't let her left eye be covered. Dr. Berry checked her over and everything is good. Rachel has has a couple of warts appear in the last year, and for the last couple of weeks I thought they were spreading everywhere. She itches these bumps to the point of bleeding and that can cause warts to spread. We have an appointment with the Dermatologist in two weeks that we've already been waiting four weeks for. This worsening outbreak kinda had me worried, I mean come on, what mother wants to see their child covered in warts? I had a friend take a look at her bumps on Monday and she said it was Eczema. Dr Berry confirmed the diagnosis and prescribed an ointment to apply at bedtime when she's in a flare up, as well as suggested a lotion following bath time.

Next came the immunizations, four of them. Two in each leg. As much as we've endured with Rachel - handing her off to surgical scrub nurses, watching her be whisked off to surgery, the hospital stays, you'd think that a couple of shots would be no big deal, but no, when your child cries, you tear up and shed a few tears too. She was not happy! She cried all the way out of the clinic (had to carry her out), all the way to the car, and all the way down the block to Starbucks where I promised her an apple juice and caved when she asked for a chocolate Frappacino. I figured four pokes, she deserves chocolate. That made her happy.After our stop at Starbucks, I hopped on the freeway and went straight to the enrollment center for our school district and registered our baby for Kindergarten! It was kinda sad and kinda exciting at the same time. We made up a song about being registered for school in the car and she's excited. And thus the never ending question of "When do I start kindergarten" has commenced. I love that I was able to get this picture. The banner actually has the school name listed on it, as this is the week that school allows Kindergarten registration, but for safety reasons, I've blurred the school name out. It's such a cool picture though and I cannot believe come August 4th, we'll be dropping two children off for school...everyday!


Krissy said...

Wow kindergarten! And what a trooper handling four shots in one day -- I agree the she deserved some chocolate!!

The Ski's said...

A Starbucks girl....ahhh, I knew Rachel was a girl after my own heart!!!! And way to go getting through all your physical "stuff" Rachel! Wow....Kindergarten here you come!!!! How fun! Ellie is jealous!