Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Field Trip to the Pizza Place

There's a local hole in the wall, Mom and Pop pizza kitchen who's kids went to the preschool over 15 years ago. And ever since then, they've opened up their pizza kitchen to our preschool for a field trip. Not just a tour of the kitchen, but the kids get to make their own pizza! The kids had a blast! And the pizza was out of this world!

First, we got to see where they mix the pizza dough.
After washing their hands and taking their place in line, they were given a dough round. They used a special little roller to punch out some the air, and they patted and even tossed the dough back and forth and then stretched it onto the pizza plate.
Also at the same station, they added and spread the pizza sauce all over their dough. This sauce is the best! You can taste the spices and seasonings and the garlic!
Next up, the cheese and topping counter! Rachel loaded up her pizza with lots and lots of cheese. And for toppings she picked pepperoni, sausage, and olives! She was so proud of her pizza creation.After only a few minutes in the big, big ovens, the individual pizzas were done and ready to eat! Each preschooler got their pizza in their own box. They enjoyed a slice or two fresh out of the oven, and then got to the take the rest home! Nothing like steaming, pipping hot, fresh pizza straight out of the oven!Another great field trip had by the preschoolers! We're very appreciative of Capone's opening up their kitchen to us. The kids, and even us Mommies, had a great time making our own pizzas and of course eating them!


Joy Howse said...

That sounds like so much fun. I really wish that Alexis' preschool class would do SOMETHING, ANYTHING. They haven't even been on a single field trip. We are lucky if the teacher doesn't call in sick at least once a week. LOVELY. Good thing the Kinder teachers are really good, they might be able to make up for the lack of fun in preschool.

Krissy said...

How fun! And pizza is always a hit -- no matter how old you are!