Thursday, February 12, 2009

Preschool Valentine's Party

Let the festivities begin! LOL. Today was Rachel's Valentine's Party. She's been ready for this day for weeks. Every couple of days asking when it's Valentine's. Last week, they made Valentine boxes out of shoeboxes, and today was the day they delivered their 'mail'. And then followed it up with special treats.

Here, the class says their snack time songs. It was pretty cute how the majority of the class had on Valentine's shirts or were wearing red. They soon will learn there are enough cupcakes for everyone to have two! In addition to the cupcakes they had heart shaped quesadillas! Which were loved by all!
Rachel and her best preschool friend and partner in crime, Kaylee.
Rachel's Valentine shoebox is almost as big as her! Thanks to Kaylee, they had an extra shoebox laying around and gave it to Rachel to use.

We came home to frost and decorate cookies for Hannah's class tomorrow. Rachel gets to go with me to Hannah's class tomorrow and will get to participate in yet another party!

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Joy Howse said...

I love her smile in the last picture. She looks so proud of her mailbox. Alexis has her party tomorrow with the whole shoebox/mailbox thing. Should be interesting. We are in charge of bringing apple slices. Too easy. Hoping she has a good time and that Aiden cooperates while I try to stay and help. She wants me there so badly and I haven't been able to yet this year with Dale's awful schedule. The teacher is making an exception on the no siblings rule for me tomorrow. Hopefully Aiden won't let me down.