Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Parent / Teacher Conference

We've just returned home from having a parent/teacher conference with Rachel's teacher. Preschool conferences are so much fun. The first half hour is all observance from the directors office out a one way window. It was fun to watch Rachel interact with her classmates, she's a crack up to watch, when she has no idea she's being watched. LOL.

The second half hour is spent talking with the teacher. She fills out a sheet in all the different areas the preschoolers are observed in. And we talk about each of the areas and talk about our concerns, etc.

Overall, Rachel is doing great. Her teacher said she is very self confident and sure of herself. She plays well in a group and shows concerns for others feelings. She's easy going and always happily adjusts to changes with no troubles. She is however, sometimes easily distracted during circle time when she and her best buddy get to giggling and talking.

Mrs. Vasquez did express a bit of a concern for a few areas of her speech. Nothing we didn't already know, and nothing we've not been working on since we spoke with the speech therapist at Rachel's craniofacial team appointment two weeks ago. Overall, she does carry on conversations and her classmates have no troubles understanding her. She said now that she knows what we're working on here at home, she'll do her best to remember to correct her at school as well.

We asked her if she's noticed any teasing towards Rachel and her nose, or the scar on her lip. The teacher answered that she herself doesn't even notice and thus far, there have been no problems from the other kids in her class.

The one major question I had pressing on my mind was whether or not Mrs. Vasquez felt Rachel was ready to start Kindergarten in the Fall. And without a doubt, she believes Rachel is ready! I didn't think there would be any reason she wouldn't be, but until you hear it from someone who works with your child a couple times a week, you kinda hold your breath.

Last Monday, was the first day to submit the Application for acceptance to the Elementary School we wish Rachel to go to (Hannah's school). Applications aren't due until March 20th, so it won't be until after then whether or not Rachel has been accepted. I don't think there will be any problems, since she already has a sibling there, but I do plan on meeting with the principal prior to the deadline. Kindergarten registration begins in April.

Now that I'm sitting here and writing this post, it's hit me that today was our last preschool parent/teacher conference! Whoa!!


John, Shannon, Broderick, Camden, and Adalynn said...

I can't believe she will be a kindergartner next year. I have always thought of her as being so much younger-when in all actuality, she is the same age as Camden. He will be going to kindergarten next year too (well, I think-his birthday is in July and he is just so different than his big brother-he doesn't seem as ready as Broderick did).

Glad the conference went well (and the appt with the team). We are still waiting for Adalynn's new team to contact us. I guess since she is at an in between stage, we aren't high on their priority list.

Kim said...

Yippee for great reports!

The Ski's said...

When is the cut off for kindergarteners for you all??? I think Ellie is Rachel's age (will be 5 in early Sept.) but we have another year of preschool yet. Ellie will be almost 6 when she starts kindergarten. Our cutoff is July 31 (they have to be 5 by then). Interesting how each state differs. : )