Monday, October 13, 2008

A Weekend of Camping at San Elijo

We went camping this last weekend. Every time we go camping, it just gets easier and easier as far as having a young preschooler. She loves to go camping and constantly asked all morning Friday if it was time to go yet. Going to bed while camping just gets easier and easier too, probably because they run and play so hard!

Everyone just loves Rachel. On Saturday morning, our friends wanted her to walk with them to the donut store (Rachel had already walked there with Steven), and she shyly said "no"...until one of our other friends let her hold the leash of her little toy poodle! LOL. So Rachel walked the dog to the donut store and came back with a cute gingerbread cookie. I guess she saw it in the case and liked it and our friends couldn't refuse buying her a cookie. LOL. We took the girls' bikes this time and that added to the fun of camping. The campground is has nicely paved and level streets and made for great riding. This is the bike that our friends found in the thrift store across the street from the campground when we came in July and we gave it to her for her birthday. Rachel LOVES the beach. She loves the sand, the water, and the splashing about. In the last picture, you can see just how much the sand likes her legs and little tooshy! LOL.
Kicking back by the campfire next to her friend, Scott.
Rachel also had tons of fun playing with her friend Caleb and Isaiah and Bethany when she came to visit on Saturday. She was sad Sunday afternoon when we were packing up camp and loading the van and saying goodbye to our friends. And the minute we were in the car she asked ""when we go camping again?". Which makes me happy that we're creating memories for our kids for years to come.

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