Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pick a Pumpkin Day

Today was a festive day at preschool, it was pick a pumpkin day!

All the local pumpkin patches in recent years have been turned into housing tracts, therefore the preschool must create their own. I went early and helped set it all up and then stayed to watch Rachel's class pick their pumpkins and then helped tear it all down and put it away.

The pumpkin "patch" turned out so cute and the kids all had a fun time picking out their pumpkins to take home.
Rachel and Haylee doing their part to help set up.
Collecting classroom pumpkins to display.
One of the really fun things of going to the same preschool,
is you can take cute pictures of the cousins, just like this one!
Rachel picked out the smallest pumpkin in the patch
and was very proud of her find.

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