Thursday, September 11, 2008

Support Group Opportunity

At Rachel's last craniofacial team appointment, Steven and I talked to a social worker about perhaps becoming getting my name and phone number on a list to call when people have a baby born with a cleft. My idea was to be able to visit people in the hospital, show pictures of Rachel's Journey and be a support and encouragement to them at a time where everything is so uncertain, etc. They took my name and number, and never called. I never contacted them again either.

And then came my meeting with Joy and Aiden on Monday. Not only was I able to help her and answer questions about what the surgeries hold for Aiden, but it was nice for me to talk about Rachel and all she's endured and be able to give God the credit for how awesome she looks, etc. That meeting really renewed my desire to be of encouragement to a Mommy in the same situation I once was in.

So I started researching on the Loma Linda University Medical Center website, where Rachel has all of her cleft related medical care. They have a support group called "Smile For Miles" and it just so happens to be meeting tonight!

I'm not going in hopes of having someone there who's ahead of where Rachel is to glean information from (although that would be awesome), but I'm hoping I can go and offer encouragement to parents new to this journey. I know if someone had been there to offer a picture, some 'been there, done that' parent information, and encouragement, at the very start of our journey, it wouldn't have seemed so scary and uncertain.

I have put together a nice little photo album of Rachel's Journey through pictures, to carry in my purse. Not only for taking with me tonight,but so the next time someone compliments me on her appearance, I can show them my little photo book and tell them how God has touched this little life.

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