Monday, August 18, 2008

A Conversation with Rachel About "Boo Boos"

This morning, as I was visiting the blogs of some of our 'cleft friends', Rachel was sitting upon my lap. One blog I visited had pictures of the baby, and how she was progressing, etc. This baby has not yet had her lip repaired, and it's a bilateral cleft lip, which is far more pronounced than a unilateral cleft. After looking at a couple of the pictures on this baby's blog, Rachel asked what was wrong with the baby's 'nose'. I told her that when this baby was born, she had a "boo boo" on her lip, and that it hasn't been fixed yet.

I told Rachel that she too had been born with a boo boo on her lip, but she had a doctor that fixed it when she was still a baby. I then took her to her blog and showed her the picture over there on the left hand side bar. Told her "see, this was you when you were a baby". And then I took her to iPhoto on my computer and opened up the "Rachel folder" and showed her the pictures following the days she was born, and her first lip repair, and how it had to be fixed again, etc, etc. Of course using very simple terms and words she would understand.

Her response to all the pictures, "I a cute baby!".

Yes Rachel, you were a very cute baby, wide smile and all, you were a very cute baby.


John, Shannon, Broderick, Camden, and Adalynn said...

a very cute baby and a even more beautiful little girl!

I am looking forward to the future when I get to do the exact same thing with Adalynn. What an awesome memory!

Kim said...


We loved your smile then and we love it now, Rachel!

Debi said...

Too cute! She has come a long way!!! But what a beauty!!!

Theresa said...

very very cute!!!