Thursday, May 22, 2008

Disneyland in the Rain!

Hannah is officially done with her school year, so after picking up Rachel from preschool this morning, we headed to Disneyland.

The day started off overcast and chilly, a perfect day for going to Disneyland. With the long holiday weekend upon us, and the summer season not too far behind, I figured today would be a good day for making a trip before the summer crowds hit. Upon checking the weather forecast, there was no rain forecasted, but then neither was snow, hail, or tornadoes. Some things Southern California all saw this afternoon.Despite the rain, we had fun. Rachel loved wearing her rain poncho. We did a couple of our favorite things. Saw the new Playhouse Disney show. It now showcases all the shows she watches on morning television and she loved it!We tolerated being out in the off and on rain for about four hours, and then made our way to the car. There will be plenty of dry trips in the coming weeks, but we did enjoy the change of weather for today!

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