Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Baby Abigail has Arrived!

A few months back, I shared a post about a family who had learned the baby they were expecting would be born with a cleft. Baby Abigail was born on Thursday, and the ultrasounds were right, she was born with a cleft, a bilateral cleft. She was born last Friday and already had the first of many doctor appointments today.

This family has quite a road ahead of them. But Praise God they are a Christian family and knows that the Lord hasn't given them anything they can't handle. And He will help them through this journey. But I know, just as we appreciated all the prayers on behalf of Rachel, they too would appreciate prayers for Abigail. So prayer warriors, would you please be praying for the Jenson Family.

You can check out Little Miss Abigail at her own blog. Bookmark it. Follow her Journey. See God work wonders.


Grandma Deb said...

THANK YOU so very much for being such a great support to Peter and Heather...everyone's prayers are so appreciated....and words of encouragement serve such great support..Abigail IS beautiful...and to hold her lets you know she has such a strong spirit to her...only God can do that...I am so glad there are wonderful Christian people to support our family....again thanks you thank you....remind the 'kids' to take care of themselves as they care for Abigail as well...
Love 'Grandma Deb(Peter's mom)

Jenson's said...

Thanks Darcy. You guys are so good, and God is so Great. We truly thank God for people like you and the kindness you show. You all are wonderful. Give eveyone hugs from us including yourself. I can't say thank you enough for the prayers and support. Thank you, Thank you.