Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fun Happenings at Preschool

For weeks, Rachel has been asking to stay for Lunch Bunch at preschool. She loves me packing her lunch and staying for a couple of extra hours. If it didn't cost a little extra, and didn't mean being so hurried with picking her up at 2:00 and making it clear to the other end of town to pick up Hannah for her 2:15 dismissal, I'd probably do it more often, she loves it that much! So here she is, dawning Hannah's old backpack and carrying her lunch box, also a hand me down of Hannah's. An exciting thing was happening at preschool today...SNOW! Snow days were originally scheduled back in January, but due to all the rain we kept getting, the snow had to be rescheduled. And finally, we had a beautiful day and the snow day happened! Here is a pretty picture of the snow this morning, before anyone was allowed to enter the area. It was so pretty and fluffy, and clean!Having brought a pair of snow pants, a heavy jacket, and a change of clothes just in case, Rachel was ready to play ini the snow! But first, she had to be signed in and wait for her classes turn to play. Upon entering into her class, there was lots to do because of all the fun things they do this time of year for Easter. Here, Rachel and fellow preschool mates dawn their paint aprons and get ready to dye broken egg shells to paste onto a paper and make a pretty picture. After a few more pictures, our goodbyes were said and I went on my merry way, with two extra hours of a kid free morning!After a wonderful morning of Mom/Daughter time, with my own Mom, we returned to pick up Rachel to find her playing in the snow. By now, after a morning of preschoolers tramping and stomping, the snow was packed and dirty. But still obviously was bringing a lot of joy to the preschoolers who were so lucky to be left for Lunch Bunch and got two extra hours to play! Where else can you play in the snow, in short sleeves besides good ole Southern California?!?!Rachel had played hard all morning, you could tell that by how quiet she was in the car ride to get Hannah from school. But once both the girls were home, she found her second wind and kept on going, just like the Energizer Bunny!

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Sounds fun for the kids!