Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Enjoying the Evening

Daylight Savings Time means it staying lighter longer after dinner, and with the weather so beautiful these days, it was great for taking a walk around the block. What finishes off a day better than following up our walk with a trip to Dairy Queen for ice cream! Ahhhh, the perfect way to end the day!


The Ski's said...

I am envious of your weather AND the ice cream! Looks good, Rachel! We still have a coating of snow on the ground. I am SOOOO ready to get outside and so is the entire state of Ohio, I think! Send some of that sun our way! Looks beautiful!

nic said...

I am new reader of your blog.

My daughter was born with a UCL&P back in 2000. She will be 8 this year!

I also blog, but not specifically regarding Clefts. My DDs pictures can be found on my blog.