Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ugh, the Time Change

Having turned our clocks back an hour over the weekend, we're starting to face the consequences of having that extra hour of sleep. Yesterday, Rachel was up at 5:30. This morning BOTH girls were in our bed by 5:45.

I hate the time change. The daylight hours are shorter, the evenings seem longer because it'll soon be dark at 5:00 and by 5:30 you're checking the clock to see if it's time for baths and bed. And for the first (hopefully) week or so...you have some very early risers!


Kim said...

Ryan was up again at 5:30 too! He was terribly cranky all day yesterday as well. He just doesn't do well with any type of change in his life! :D

Here's hoping yours and mine will sleep in a bit more tomorrow!

rowena said...

Hi Darcy, just getting back to you from a comment waaaay back on my blog. Is Rachel the toddler you offered for me to practice on? Let me know when it's convenient, I'd love to!