Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trunk or Treating

Long story short, we spent Halloween evening with some long time friends. We met up at their house and then ventured to an outreach put on a by a church that neither of us had been to, but have heard great things about. It took us a while to get out there due to traffic. Unfortunately, along the way, we lost Rachel. The night was just beginning and she's fast asleep. Because Rachel had fallen asleep in the car, she wasn't quite with it. Having been warned at dinner, if she didn't eat her dinner, there'd be no candy (mean rule on Halloween, we know, but they needed some substance), it was clear she needed a boost in her glucose level after her nap and we forwent with the previous rule and gave in to giving her some M&Ms, and that helped! We left shortly thereafter and headed to another church where we had friends hanging out. But by the time got there, the friends were gone, and everything was shutting down and closing up. So we headed for home. Rachel had fun. And as you can tell from pictures, she wore a different costume at each event she's been a part of. LOL. Gotta love the dress up box. Here is the combined efforts of both the girls. See anything you like?? I sure do! They got lots of good stuff!

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kinome said...

your girls are sooo cute! what fun costumes! i am totally going to have to get a dress up box together for lily!