Friday, October 05, 2007

Tubes in the Ears

We arrived to the Outpatient Surgery shortly before 8:00. Did the check in and paid our portion of the bill upfront thing. And then sat for a while. Rachel was happy, there was a corner of kid-like things to keep her busy.Shortly thereafter, we were taken back to the holding area where they had us put a gown on Rachel and gave her a hat and slipper socks. They took her vitals and gave her some Tylenol. By this point, she's not eaten or has had anything to drink for almost 12 hours and is hungry and grumpy and anxious. She wouldn't wear the hat, and kept taking her gown off. Dr Rowe came by one last time to ask if we had any questions and go over things once again. The anesthesiologist came by and talked to us and then listened to her heart and lungs. She kinda threw a wrench in the morning when she said she heard a heart murmur and suggested we get it checked out by her primary pediatrician (more on that later). It wasn't long after that they came to take her away. Rather than wheel her away, the anesthesiologist carried her away. She did better than I expected with being taken from us. No tears, on both her part and mine. :)From the time they took her from us, to the time they called us back to see her in recovery it was only 25 minutes! She was a little cranky coming out of the anesthesia but soon perked up with some apple juice. They went over discharge instructions and follow up and we were out of there less than half an hour later!Because the girl (and her parents) were hungry, we stopped at the place of Rachel's choice for something to eat. She got fresh french fries from Mickey D's. Back to the heart murmur - like we needed anything else to have to think about or be concerned about. I called our pediatrician's office on the way home to see about any appointments this morning or for this afternoon. I needed reassurance before the weekend from Dr Berry that everything was okay or needed further testing. There was an opening this morning so I droped Steven off at home cause he needed to get to work and I headed for the other end of town to see our Pediatrician. He listened and heard NO murmur, but to be safe, he ordered a chest x-ray and an EKG and said he'd call with the results. I was able to do both right then. Rachel was such a good girl and cooperated so well for both things. I was so proud of her. The little girl had been through so much this morning and she was doing so well. She got lots of stickers and suckers from the nurses and techs! I stopped off in our pediatrician's office to let them know the tests had been done and by chance Dr Berry was still there and he checked the results and told me the chest x-ray was normal! PTL! We'll wait for the EKG results, but since he heard no murmur, he thinks the EKG will be fine as well.

One more stop before heading home and that was to the pharmacy, which was conveinently located in the same parking lot as a Starbucks! After the morning we've had, an apple juice and a Frappuccino were very much needed!

We're home and Rachel is doing great!! She was practically herself an hour after the surgery. And is in such a great mood. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for her all week and especially today. We know it's the prayers that are said on her behalf that things always goes so well. We appreciate the prayers more than words can express.


Kim said...

I can't believe she didn't want to wear that hat! :D

Glad everything went so well and the murmur turned out to be nothing.

Anonymous said...

Glad to know that all went well Aunt Judy