Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pre-Op Appointments

It never fails, the days we come prepared for having to wait great lengths with coloring books, snacks, and magazines, we are IN and OUT BOTH appointments in 25 minutes!! LOL.

The first appointment was with the Nurse Practitioner for Rachel's ENT. She went over the procedure, had me sign a consent, etc, etc and then looked Rachel over. From there we visited the surgery scheduler to pick up paper work to take downstairs to the Outpatient Surgery receptionist where I signed another paper, and was given the instructions and told to be there tomorrow morning at 7:45. I got the call a little while ago that Rachel's surgery is scheduled for 9:30, and they may take her earlier, depending on how the doctor is running, etc.

Thank you for all the prayers thus far, keep them coming! I'll update the blog tomorrow when I can.

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Kim said...

Praying for you...hope all went well!