Monday, October 01, 2007

Prayers for Rachel

This Friday, Rachel will be having tubes placed in her ears as a result of having failed two hearing tests and tests showing she has fluid in her ears. She had tubes placed at the same time she had her palate repair, so this is no new surgery for her. But it is still a surgery nonetheless.

We have two pre-op appointments on Thursday afternoon and then the surgery will be done Friday morning. They usually start off procedures with the youngest and work their way up, so Rachel's surgery will probably be one of the firsts. I'm guessing around 7:30, but I will know for sure Thursday afternoon.

This surgery is done on an outpatient basis, so once the surgery is done (placing the tubes takes 5-10 minutes), and she wakes up from the anesthesia, and appears to be doing well, she will be released to come home.

Specific prayer requests for Rachel:

* That Rachel won't become scared or anxious when they take her from us (she was only 15 months old the last time we sent her off to surgery)

* She would tolerate the anesthesia (this will be her 4th time being put under)

* There would be no complications or problems with the procedure

* For the doctor, the anesthesiologist, and the nurses who will all have contact with her

* That she remains healthy this week

I know there are many people who follow this blog and pray for Rachel and we thank you in advance for the prayers that will be said this week on her behalf.


Anonymous said...

Reading today's post brought instant tears ......... may this week go by quickly. May you have peace that all will be well. May this sweet girl have no fear, please Lord. Please let us know how she does. I will be thinking of you all.

Melany aka Supermom said...

My prayers are with you and little Rachel. I know how us parents worry and I know what stress those little ones go through when they get taken from us. LOTS of hugs for all of you

Kim said...

I was thinking about the surgery and prayed for you all today! I will keep praying.